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BLACK BOX  was born from an idea of Sergio Alabiso and Roberto Salimbeni, who have been active in the ENERGY sector for many years. BLACK BOX Green Srl aims to provide products and services for the continuous and on-line Analysis of the Production and Consumption Plants of Primary Energy.

Our Mission is to identify energy waste by placing the BLACK BOX   at the disposal of Professionals operating in the Plant and Energy sector of BUILDINGS, both public and private.


Energy consumption in buildings corresponds to over 30% of the total and the degree of inefficiency in this sector is high. Our goal is therefore to obtain  a Continuous Analysis of the Yield of a Production System  and Primary Energy Consumption to then evaluate, with data_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ real and not theoretical, what interventions to operate to make the whole system more efficient.


From the use of the BLACK BOX it is automatically obtained  la ENERGETICA SIGNATURE  UNI EN 15603: 2008 _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136 of a building bad5cf58d carry out the DIAGNOSIS  ENERGETICA   of the system  Building / Plant. Since 2020 we have a patent for the intelligent management of air conditioning systems based on an innovative Predictive Weather concept that allows energy and therefore economic savings from 15 to 30% and more. The system is called WATCH3.

We have been working since 2019 in synergy with partners with great history and experience in the SAFETY sector and we can now build wide-ranging proposals also in the ENVIRONMENT & HEALTHCARE sectors  through the TONALI Energia & Ambiente Srl   of which we are founding members.





ICT technologies have been, in the past millennium, the backbone of Development, leading us to the so-called New Economy of the last century and then moving us towards the current Green Economy. The latter is based on the idea of Smart Cities, or nuclei for the collection and exchange of enormous quantities of data to give dynamism and efficiency to an increasingly complex society, with the optimization of resources, obviously including energy.

It is at this point that BLACK BOX comes into play, or the theme of "MEASURE"

Any entity that consumes Primary Energy causes waste, whether it is a Family, a Building or an Industry. Determining the MEASURE of WASTE is our task and we do it using the ICT-based technologies of Energy Intelligence. These tools, which BlackBox Green has designed and built, have the purpose of monitoring and quantifying waste, reaching as far as reduction and containment interventions. All this, also passing through the Energy Diagnosis method, defining its parameters and consumption values, at the same time validating its reliability in a certain and distributed way over time.

But what is meant by "IoT" in the Smart City and how does BLACK BOX use it?

All the data that today we define with the term "BIG DATA" are object of collection, manipulation and redistribution at 360 degrees. The main tool to allow this bidirectional path is the "IoT" technology or the Internet of Things that I would define instead as. The Internet of Devices. In fact, every device that can be connected to the Net is a piece of this increasingly large galaxy that surrounds us and that we must make intelligent by transforming it from a matrix of numbers and information to documents that can be read and easily interpreted by people, even non-specialists.

The near future of BLACK BOX GREEN

We have already started to manage with these methodologies and technologies not only Energy Data, but also Environmental data and data related to the Safety and Sanitation of the environments. We have also redesigned our HW SW and WEB Systems to integrate the functions of Blockchain technology with the aim of guaranteeing the integrity of the data collected and the possibility of generating Smart Contracts based on the Energy Tokens that the BLACK BOX produces thanks to the strong reduction of Consumption in the bill generated by the Predictive Weather SystemWATCH3.

These technologies of ours are increasingly appreciated by the market and the forecasts for the end of 2022 lead to more than three times the turnover compared to the previous year.

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